How Important Is Your Bio?

by klparry

So… How important is your Bio ? Apparently to Literary Agent, Rachelle Gardner, it is very important when it’s placed in a Query Letter. By the way, she has a very informative and, at times “Bubble Bursting”, Blog that is truly a must read for those new and aspiring authors. Be warned. You may not like some of what she writes. Her posts are blunt, to the point and often times discouraging to those that may not have the fortitude to push past the obstacles she readily points out. Despite my love/hate, albeit one sided relationship with her,  those posts are the first I read with my morning coffee. But I digress. 

Now, I’m beginning to question whether every Bio that can be readily accessed on-line should be just as polished? And that got me to thinking about all the web sites I’ve posted to and the many versions of “About the Author” I have floating around out there. For a while, I was just posting to any place that would let me.  My form of marketing…ha!

Having given it this much though, I believe I should break out the buffing cloth and revisit those sites. That is, if I can remember where they all are. That  includes the one here, on WordPress which I’ve been wanting to change up for some time. It seemed a little depressing.

Though it’s not what I would put in a Query Letter, I think what I’ve written is approprate for here. So, I give you the lighter side of me.

 Yikes! Talking about myself is a little weird. Maybe what I should be telling you is how my family and friends view me and why. 

 My sister calls me a gypsy because of my days as a performer. This stems back to a time when I regularly worked fairs and festivals, including a brief engagement with a circus. I did this for nearly ten years with my two young boys in tow. How I miss it.

 My best friend calls me crafty because I make things. This usually happens when a need arises such as “needing some extra money”. Then I make things I can sell. Of course, there’s also the “want” that I can’t afford to pay for so I look for another way to get it. When I wanted to replace the stinky old linoleum in my apartment bathroom, I designed, put together and laid a mosaic tile floor. Whew! Took me months to complete it!  Of late, my projects haven’t been that ambitious. Most are small handmade gifts and floral arrangements made from the flowers in my gardens.

 My children refer to me as “Doctor Mom”. My friends, “Nurse Kathy”. I get pleasure in subjugating them all to my home remedies which may consist of a nasty tasting, all though effective, sage tea or bowls of my spicy chicken soup. But I do know my limitations and have no problem telling them when it’s time to go see a real doctor.

 I’ve been accused of being a “know-it-all”. This usually happens when someone wants to prove me wrong. If they’ve said it, it probably means they’re right. I can admit it!  But, in my defense, they do bring their problems to me so I must “know something”. 

Lets not forget, Author. Shortly after I first published my debut novel, a friend dropped by, surprising me with a boquet of flowers then asked to take a picture of  the “soon to be famous author”. That moment became even sweeter when he presented me with his copy of my novel to sign. His magical words made my dream come to life and the terrible scrawl I made in his book let me know I needed to practice at my signature.


So there, you have it. Now you know a little something about me.

Write on, my friend.

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom”