The Cold Hard Facts

by klparry

Well, it’s been a little over a year since I self published the first copy of novel. Since then I have made two more revisions thanks to some wonderful critiques that I’d received. I’ve also received several great reviews. That’s the good news. Now, here are the cold hard facts. The first is that as much as I believe in my story, trying to get the word out past that small sphere of influence, that is my  friends and family, is  like climbing Mt. Everest. Secondly, that though the world of self-publishing is allowing many authors to produce their own works, it is also flooding the market with material, making it extremely difficult for any one to stand out. Yeh, maybe if I had a few grand to throw at marketing I’d be able to sell books. But the reality of it is that I don’t. I’m just a poor girl living in a one bedroom apartment who depends on her grown son to help with the rent. Not that I’m complaining, but I want you to see where I’m coming from. However, I still believe that I am finally, for the first time in my life, on the right path. And, like I’ve said before, I won’t quit. I don’t see giving up as even an option. It would be like asking a song bird not to sing. Well, honey, this song bird has just gotten started and I’m going to warble all the way to the grave!

So for all you disheartened authors out there. If writing is truly your calling, keep it up. I can’t say what will happen but you’ll never know if you give up trying.

And speaking of keeping it up. I did mention in my last post, months ago, that I had begun work on my next novel. I didn’t get very far before the holiday season was on me which pretty much sends me to a whole ‘nother planet. Between my work schedule doubling, my own holiday preparations and a slew of family birthdays, my writing projects were set aside. But finally, I have a break with the arrival of February and I’m settling back into a regular writing schedule. I have been sending out regular weekly Queries to Literary Agents. So far no interest but I’ve only queried 10 and there are at least another 80 YA specific agents out there. Thinking I might enroll in a typing class since I’m still hunting and pecking after all this time. I’m planning a zip-line adventure for spring. Only for research, of course…, ha! I’d also like to set up a booth to promote “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransome” at a Pirate festival in July near San Francisco, but I’m not sure I can save up the investment money I’ll need or that I’ll be able to get the time off. We’ll see. But I am very excited for what wonderful adventures await me around the next corner. Excited to see how my next novel will upfold and just darn happy to be breathing air. Life is wonderful, mysterious and sometimes a little strange but it is nothing to be feared so get out there and live it!

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”