Poached Eggs

by klparry

Good Afternoon all you lovely people. I hope this Blog finds you on the road to making your dreams come true. And while we are working on making that happen, we do have to take time for the simpler things in life. Those moments that bring a smile to us along the sometimes, rough and rocky  journey. My smile moment today took place during my breakfast.

I have, over the last three years developed a taste for poached eggs. Being a child of a mother that didn’t vary her menu much, I had never had the experience of sampling the luscious, golden goodness. It wasn’t until a breakfast date at a popular spot, that I was treated to my first Eggs Benedict…, which as you know includes a poached egg. Wow! I was hooked.

So this morning, if you consider noon to still be morning as I do, I set to work. Nuked me a potato then threw it in a fry pan with some red bell pepper, onion, garlic and fresh basil. I sautéed it up and plated it with two lovely poached eggs nestled on top. It was Heavenly. And, yes, I licked the plate.

Now, as far as my efforts are going at promoting my latest novel. I have come across several new marketing based web sites that I intend on checking in. Until I do, I really haven’t much else to add on that front other than this ; Don’t become discouraged in your pursuit. Keep at it! Someone once said, (I can’t remember who), “Luck is a combination of  preparation and persistence.” So, prepare and be persistent in your endeavors.

~ K.L. Parry