Do’s And Don’ts

by klparry

Artwork - Black Mermaid Productions

Well, it’s been a week and a half since my return from MERCON, the mermaid convention.  I learned a lot, as I stated in last week’s blog, as a first time exhibitor about the DO’s and DON’Ts to making the experience a personal success.

The first and most important DON’T on my list would be, DON’Ts do it alone! Of course, I had not anticipated having to go it alone but due to health issues, my partner in this venture was unable to accompany me. This kept me from venturing far from my booth so I wasn’t able to meet many of the other exhibitors and venders and make those valuable connections. For those that I did meet, aside from my immediate neighbors, our interactions were brief. Another reason is; that being stuck at my booth kept me from going out to meet those attendees that may have needed a little encourage to come visit my booth.

The Do’s; offer something FREE. I did a raffle for a free copy of my book. That was a great success except for the part where I threw away all the names and contact info after the drawing had been done. I don’t know what I was thinking in doing that! (Another reason to have someone else with you, to keep you from doing something stupid). 

But I did meet some wonderful people and particularly was thrilled to have the company of my neighbors at MERCON, Julie Ditrich with her companion Cat and Kelly Reno.

Julie Ditrich~ freelance writer and co-founder of Black Mermaid Productions

Julie is a free-lance writer and co-founder of Black Mermaid Productions and co-creator of ELF-FIN,  a comic book series featuring mer-folk. Her other credentials are extensive and if I were to list them here I’d have to name the blog “All about Julie”…haa…,so I won’t. 

Then there was Kelly Reno, author of Misadventure & Merfolk which I am currently reading. Evidently she’s had several successes with other non-fiction topics one being a weight loss book. I’ll have to check into it when I have a moment to spare.


Kelly Reno~author of Misadventures & Merfolk