by klparry

Aye! I’m back and on FIRE with inspiration for my next novel. But before I deliver you a sneak peek of my next project, let me give a brief run through of my experience at MERCON.


The Silverton Hotel Aquarium, Las Vegas
MERCON, the first ever Mermaid Convention and Awards was held last Friday 8/12/2011 at the beautiful Silverton Hotel and Casino. The venue was the perfect site for this event though it wasn’t the first choice. Probably due to this last-minute change in booking, attendance by vendor and mer-folk enthusiast alike didn’t reach promoter’s expectations. But that didn’t stop those who did participate from having a whale of a time.  I, for one, would love to be invited back for MERCON II.

For myself, a first time exhibitor at this sort of event, it was a learning experience. I meant lots of wonderful and interesting people. I learned that many of the mer-folk are very environmentally minded and use their passion to promote subjects such as clean water  and awareness of the garbage piles that float on our oceans.

The Great Pacific Dump

Of course, there are a lot of fun and games that go into being a mer-person and there was plenty of that happening at the pool party including the guest appearance of the most famous living mermaid Hanna Frazer.

Hanna Frazer











Also in attendance, famous tail maker, Thom Shouse whose work was widely seen in the movie SPLASH. In the photo below can be seen King Neptune donning a Shouse tail.

Thom Shouse, Robin St Graves, Spike El Pirata

Next week, I’ll introduce you to a couple of Authors I met at MERCON and share with you some of the do’s and don’t  I learned as an exhibitor there.







Now, as promised, here’s a SNEAK PEEK at my up-coming YA fiction, “Girl In The Mermaid Tail”. Remember that this is a first draft so it’s very rough. This is just a taste of a recipe that I haven’t yet perfected. Enjoy!

First Draft


by  K.L. Parry

A Prelude

Jade has had a love for Mermaids and everything Mer-ish for as long as she could remember. Being the bright girl that she is, she attributed her initial fascination for merfolk to the hours she’d spent in front of the TV, singing along to the Disney movie, Little Mermaid. Her parents had shamefully agreed.

Jade’s young life, up to this point, had been a happy one. Living all her 11 years in the same small beach house, in the quaint community that is Manhattan Beach, California. She never imagined it would be any other way. That was, until her father came home and announced that they were moving to Las Vegas.

Needless to say, Jade put up quite a protest at having to leave all that she knew and loved. And she’d thought she might have won her bid to stay when her mother expressed her own reluctance to leave.  But after some convincing, Jade’s mother accepted the idea and even came to believe that the move would be, inspirational.

So, Jade and her parents pulled up their roots and traded the wet beach sand for the dry dust of the desert. Her parents bought a house on the south side of town complete with a salt water pool.

They settled quickly into their new home, but Jade was finding acceptance among her peers difficult at best. She was thought of as odd. Just as odd, Jade supposed, as she found them to be. So she delved further into her fantasy world of mermaids and mermen and found a certain amount of consolation in it.

It was on Jade’s thirteenth birthday that she received her first tail. She didn’t mind that it was made of cloth and not quite like the ones she’d seen worn by the girls that swam in the mermaid tank at the nearby hotel. And as soon as the weather warmed, Jade took every opportunity to put it on. She’d wiggle her feet down into the rigid mono-fin that fanned out at its tip, work the elastic waistband up over her hips and flop herself down by the pool. It didn’t matter that the water was still too cold for her to get into, she didn’t need the pool to practice her tail flip or time the length she could hold her breath.

~K.L. Parry