by klparry

Good morning everyone! As I promised in my last FB post, here is my Review of the movie COWBOYS AND ALIENS. First off, let me say that I saw this movie at the ARCHLIGHT in Pasadena. I highly recommend it for being one of the best venues I have been to. Comfortable seating, well laid out theaters, attention to the sound of the movie and no commercials other than a few trailers.

Watch for the SPOILER ALERT in this post if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Now honestly, anything with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig is on my viewing list no matter what the reviewers have to say about the movie. And in that respect I wasn’t disappointed. This film follows the formula of an old style western. Harrison Ford plays a grumpy old land baron whose all business…perfect part for him. Daniel Craig plays the outlaw with no memory of who he is or where he came from. Only flashes of remembered images clue him into who he had been. Olivia Wilde plays the young woman curiously stalking him.

I loved how the first half of the movie played out. The characters develop, you learn more about our outlaw’s past and they all rally together under one goal. Then someone drops a BOMB.


Not a real bomb, but this is what happens to bomb this movie.

Out of nowhere, without any indication, Olivia Wilde’s character who has died from her injuries after being taken by aliens, is resurrected. The whole scene makes no sence from the Indians throwing her dead body into a bonfire after they captured our group, to her magically coming back to life and telling everyone she is from another planet and has come there to help destroy the other aliens that are abducting the town’s people. And why do the Indians get involved? Well I guess some of their people had been abducted too but you don’t see that until the end.

How unfortunate that someone took this wrong turn. Making what could have been an awesome movie into something mediocre. If they had just dropped some subtle hints along the way of Olivia’s alien nature. If they would have found a sensible way to revel that alieness, if they had shown some reason for the Indians to have joined them in their attack on the other alien ship, it would have been great. Simple fixes that should have been caught..or did it all end up on the cutting room floor? Who knows.


So, in closing, I loved the premise, I loved the characters, I loved the first part of this movie. I give it a B grade because of that. But I am happy my tickets were discounted.

~ K.L. Parry