by klparry

Well, it has been a busy week and I am happy to report that book sales are increasing. Yeah! I must be doing something right.

Truthfully, promoting my novel has been a task. I can remember friends asking me how I had planned to do this and all I could answer was “I can’t think about that now.” And I couldn’t. I had to focus all my attentions on getting the book finished, then making it something marketable. When it came to promoting I was really a fish out of water so I began talking with friends and reading anything I could find on self promoting. One common thread I discovered in my reasearch was the need to join forces with other author and writers. Promoting for them is promoting for you.  And I’ve found that they are a very supportive community with lots of insight on this whole biz. I’ve also made it a point each evening to post something about my book or myself on a new site, whether it be a Facebook page or a .com  site or just my class reunion’s profile page. I believe each mention of your title, each time you place an image of your book cover brings the possibility for someone new to discover it.

Now, I’m a long way from financial success but I believe in my gift and have every confidence that as long as I remain persistent and consistent in my efforts…success will come.

I am also happy to announce that I have begun work on book 2. The working title I’ve chosen is “The Pirate’s Daughter And The Gypsy Prince”. Not sure if I’ll keep it but it’ll do for now.

And for those of you that know me a bit more intimately and know of my shoe-string budget, I am happy to say that I have squirreled enough money away to purchase copies of my book to take with me to MERCON in August. “YEAH, I was really stressing about that. (Why I stress, I don’t know because things always seem to find a way of working out.)

So for now I say “Stay strong in you convictions and adieu, adieu… to you and you and you.”

~K.L. Parry

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