Operation eBook Drop

by klparry

I guess I failed to mention in my previous post that  “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom” is now available in E-book through Smashwords.com. (Sometimes I lose track of who I’ve told what to..Ha ha. Another case of CRS..can’t remember s- – t.) What a God send to have found that site and I have to give thanks to another Blogger and Author, Kait Nolan. It was through her blog that I learned of smashwords and so was able to find a site to publish through that would provide me the distribution I am sorely lacking through Blurb.com. I am still publishing my hard and softback version through Blurb but you can find the Ebook on Smashwords along with a generous free preview download and I am able to offer coupons through this site. I have also listed my book in their July reading sale at 50% off to attract summer readers.

I am also providing free downloads of my novel to our military personnel through a new program call “Operation eBook Drop”. This is particularly important to me because, as some of you may already know, one of my own sons served in our military and still remains in the reserves. I think it so important that they know we appreciate what they are doing and that we should, in whatever capacity available to us, show them our support for their efforts…reguardless of whether we agree with the politics behind it.

That being said, there is another matter I wish to share with you that is a little more personal but I don’t like long and rambling post, so I’ve decided to break this one off and immediately follow it up with another.  ~ K.L. Parry