Jaycee Dugard, The Bravest Woman I Should Ever Want To Know

by klparry

I had started to compose this post last night to voice my struggle with disappointment and feelings of disillusionment, but the hour was well past midnight so I decided to hold off until today. So this morning, mind-set on what I had wanted to say, my Yahoo page opened with the picture of Jaycee Dugard looking back at me. I was reminded that I had wanted to see the interview which had aired last night so I clicked on the image and went to the link. I listened more than watched the entire 85 minute interview, my computer and connection to slow to see anything more than still frames flashing back at me. When it was over the first word that came to me was Unbelievable!…, then, Unimaginable! What bravery, what courage and strength of mind and spirit this young woman showed me. Hardly believable that she could come out of 18 years of captivity, depravity and abuse with such a positive outlook. Yet there she was, alive and glowing, full of life and purpose.  I could hear in her voice the hint of things she would not speak off and I fell awe struck…then I cried.

To even imagine some of the challenges she must have faced just to survive. To maintain her sanity amongst the insane situation she was forced to exist in day after day..month after month..running into years of her life all in that one desperate quest to survive and then, to see to the survival of her children. It is nearly beyond my comprehension. She has triumphed over the impossible, she  has shown herself to be a hero. All my complaints and gripes, my  disappointments seem insignificant to me now in comparison. She is the bravest, most courageous woman I should ever want to know. ~K.L. Parry

Jaycee Dugard age 11