by klparry

         This all started when I realized I hadspent my last two days off going from site to site, imputing, updating and filling in information and links about myself and my book. So much of that I needed to do, but I also came to the conclusion that I needed to trim the fat, consolidate. Repetition is not always a good thing. And I don’t know what made me think that having several Blogs on different sites was a good idea? What was I thinking..? It was all copy and past from one Blog to the next. Not like I had anything different to say that I had not already voiced at the first go-around. So this morning it’s about consolidating.

         Good bye, have some great backgrounds but I was feeling limited. Goodbye, were my first and by far my least favorite. It is WORDPRESS all the way.

          WHEW! I feel better already!

          PEACE OUT…K.L.Parry

No relevance..I just thought it was funny