It May Just Be Hormones

by klparry

Good Morning All.

Well, I had a great time in Vegas last week but found myself in a profound funk on the last day of my vacation. (I called it a vacation because I was away from home but, really, does three days constitute an actual vacation? More like a long weekend I’d say.) I think the idea of returning to business as usual really had me down. My own personal momentum and enthusiasm for the goals I have set myself have been waning. I really thought that by now I’d have my first novel well on its way to becoming a best seller (don’t laugh) and that I would be completely immersed in the process of writing my next. I envisioned lunching with my friends at quaint little restaurants and planning a trip to Spain, for research, of course. But, obviously, that is not the case and I feel as though I have made little progress towards those goals over the last four months. Yeah, yeah, four months may not seem like a long time to you but it does to me. And I do feel such a sence of urgency. It’s as if I am on the verge of missing an opportunity I have waited my whole life for. Then again, it may just be hormones reeking havoc on my psyche. So I am striving to keep positive, focused and motivated and reclaiming my enthusiasm for the quest.