Back In The Saddle Again

by klparry

Whew! Finally! I’m heading off to Vegas Monday night for some much-needed r&r. It’s been a strange couple of weeks but I’m back in the saddle again. Too slow going trying to update my novel from the “Booksmart program”. It is literally so slow that it takes an eternity to make any changes. So, on the advice of a friend who did a similar type of revision, I’ve decided on a different approach. I am going to create a new book in the program and attach my updated manuscript there. It should go a lot quicker. Now I just need to focus on getting my manuscript updated. I am hoping I can have it all, printed text and e-book, done before the May release of the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. I’d love to hitch a ride on the publicity tails of that.

In the meantime I have created “ I will post weekly to it, in chronological order, the first chapters of my novel. For those of you that haven’t yet read it, this will be your chance. But I warn you, it’s addicting. Once you start reading you’ll find yourself hooked. Really!