It’s not a matter of “If”

by klparry

I have been a busy girl over the last several days. All my old injuries, (thanks to years of acrobatics and trick riding and cleaning houses) are paining me. The aroma of tiger balm mingles with the scent of my floral perfume while Ibuprofen and glucosamine have become a regular part of my diet.

Overjoyed to say that I have booked my 3-day Vegas get-away for the end of the month, not to be confused with the Vegas Mermaid Convention in August (for which I have also secured my half of a space with friend Michael). Still working on the revisions for my novel which seem to be moving at a snail’s pace. But in the quiet hours that have plagued my work days, business at the bar were I am employed having been slow, I’ve continued to percolate on the story line for my next book. I have a beginning and a middle. Now I just need to come up with a powerful ending.

Talking about my aches and pains, those were triggered by my Saturday activities . I spent a good part of that day in my communal garage, (which resembles the before picture in an ad for public storage), reorganizing. What began the process was my desire to gather up all my emergency supplies ie: camp stove, lanterns and sleeping bags, to relocate to a more accessible spot.

Having been a resident in California during two major earthquakes, I know the importance of being prepared. It is not a matter of “if” we are going to have the BIG ONE, it is a matter of  “when”. That is a fact. This recent quake in Japan has reminded me of just that. And I had become a bit laxed in my preparedness. So, in my obsessive desire to be ready, I got my list together and of course, e-mailed, forwarded and posted the same to everyone I have contact with. It doesn’t do much for my popularity since so many of my friends don’t like to be reminded of  the inevitability of something so earth-shaking occurring. (Yeah, I know, bad pun.) But how could I not want to make sure all my friends and acquaintances, all the people I care about, have made similar preparations for themselves?  So, I am not sorry for being the pest or ruining your sunny weekend with posts of ominous warnings. Click “Ignore” if you must. But it is because I care about you and don’t have enough canned food stock piled to share with you

No, this is not my stash!