A Conscious Existance

by klparry

So I thought it time you learned a little more about me, a glimpse of the personality behind the author.

I do think about my own impact ecologically on the planet, my carbon footprint. And though I know that my singular efforts won’t change the world or even my neighborhood, still, I believe I have to live a conscious existence. I have to do what I believe is good and right regardless of the behavior of others.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a tree-hugger just yet but I do try to be ecology minded as I go about my daily routines. I use a wash rag that I can launder instead of a sponge. Cloth napkins instead of paper. No paper towels. Instead I keep plenty of dish towels and rags on hand. I stopped using plastic to line my trash cans and I recycle wherever and whenever I can. I have begun giving my car a day off during the week. It forces me to slow down and I feel good about the exercise I get as I run some of my errands on foot. (I don’t actually run but you know what I mean.) I take a travel mug with me if I plan on getting coffee on the road. I refuse bags at the stores and stuff my purchases in my purse if they’re small or just carry them out. (I do sometimes forget my cloth bags.) If I need or want something; kitchen stuff, clothes, sometimes gifts, I plan an outing to my fav. thrift shop to see if I can find it there before I buy it new, (a habit I developed out the shear need to be frugal with my limited funds). But, it works for me and you’d be surprised on the quality brands that end up in these places that you can purchase for a fraction of their retail price. Of course I do have to allow myself sometime to rummage through things. I think of it as treasure hunting and since my taste is a bit eclectic I do end up with some really wonderful finds. It can, however, require some restraint on my part not to buy all the cool stuff I find but if I can’t use it or haven’t a need for it I leave it for another treasure hunter. No hording here.

I like to peruse Ebay in search of my favorite perfume and hand lotion at half the price and I’ve bought a few things through using Craig’s list including my car, a Chrysler 300 M which I LOVE! Sometimes, on a Saturday morning, my sister and I go “Yard Sale-ing”  We don’t always come home with something but it’s an activity that gets us out of our homes and gives us some quality time together.

I wish I had room for a compost barrel and a vegetable garden but I live in an apartment with limited outdoor space and I wouldn’t want to eat anything grown in the flowerbeds outside my unit. No telling what has been buried, seeped or fallen into that soil.

I am reminded daily of the horrible condition of my sofa sectional, but I can neither afford nor want to buy a new one and the thought of it ending up in a land fill doesn’t appeal to me. So I have decided that, (when my youngest son moves out, again), I am going to recover it, myself. That should be interesting.

So there you have it. Am I odd?  Maybe, but I like me.