Eee..gads Batman!

by klparry

What is the learning curve for first time authors? Oh well, I’m just glad I didn’t get an ISBN# for this edition. I’m referring to it now as a pre-release. “What are you talkin’ ’bout?” you ask.

I can remember an art instructor from my brief college stint that told me “Kathy. At some point you just have to put the brush down and be finished.”

My response was, “OK.” And then I whispered under my breath, “Just after I fix this.”

So here it is. As I was going through my pages, thinking I would clean them up by getting rid of the smashed words and dropped periods, I of course came across a few passages I thought could be improved. What’s the word for that?  Oh, I remember! Rewrite!


So as it goes, slow…, I have also discovered, (through another blog), Smashword. This site allows indie (independent)  authors to publish to E-books. Now I am cursing myself for not revising my original manuscript when I was revising the Booksmart program I had published from.

Costly mistake on my part. When I think of all the time it will take me to compare one manuscript against the other so that the Blurb book reads the same as the e-book I cry out, “Eee..gads Batman!” And no, Booksmart will not allow me to copy and paste back to my word.

Let it never be said that I did not put my best effort into my craft.  For that I charge forward, my ink pot filled and my quill held high. And can someone please ship me another case of cheezy puffs!

~ K.L. Parry ~