by klparry

Yesterday a reader’s comment on my blog reminded me of a somewhat similar event in my own life. Looking back at it I can laugh though it was a very aggravating situation at the time. So, deviating from this blog’s original topic (and giving myself a distraction), I’ll share it with you.

To set this story up; I did and still do live in a one bedroom apartment with a landlord that, for the most part, gives me free rein to make whatever improvements to my unit I might want and can afford to do.

Now, I think it was sometime in October a couple of years back, the man I had been dating off and on had come to stay with me. You might say it was for an extended visit. On the first morning of his stay I had mentioned to my man that I was thinking of pulling up the old, worn carpet in the living room and refinishing the floor. I had taken up a corner of the carpet to see what condition the floor was in and had decided it would be a possible future project for me. Possible and future being the key words here. So off I went to work, thinking nothing of my passing comments on the floor, leaving my lover to watch the morning news broadcasts.

After a full day of work, I was excited with the thought that this lovely man would be anxiously awaiting my return. And he was, but not for the reasons you may have thought.

Arriving home, I opened up the front door to be met with a startling surprise. Standing on the thresh hold I surveyed the space that had once belonged to me, now converted into a man-land of sorts.

His smile beamed up at me from the sofa sectional that had been relocated to the middle of the room forming a v-shape. Across from it, the television took center stage against the wall. TV trays that had been kept in their rack for occasional use had been strategically placed to support lamps and the carpeting had all been removed, displaying a floor spattered with paint speckles, oily spots and dirt.

“I spent the whole day rearranging the furniture,” he tells me, school-boy giddy with pleasure in his creation. “It looks so much better, don’t you think?”

I thought the top of my head was going to blow off. I was rendered speechless. With a smile plastered on my face like a store mannequin, I walked past him, taking note of the spiked tack strips that were still fixed firmly to the floor. Stepping into the kitchen, I could see all the old carpet and padding laying just outside the back door.

My next thought was, “Oh Shit! What have I done by letting this man stay with me?”  It was not at all how I had envisioned our time together would be.

I spent the rest of that evening prying up tack strips and trying to figure out a polite way to send him home.

~ K.L. Parry ~




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