♬ …On Fire ♬

by klparry

I was, am on fire!

Yesterday I tweaked my blog page, AGAIN. (I think I’ll keep this layout.) I worked a bit on my web page. Probably nothing you will notice though I wanted to do more before the BIG transformation. I fired off e-mails to my partners in crime and carefully went through the 300 images Janis had provided me. She had already chosen 12 and I couldn’t narrowed it down to more than 19 because they are all great. Christian will have to help cut the selection down to three or four before we start playing with them. And I searched for music that I can purchase and attach to the page, topping off the effect we are going for. Found two awesome pieces but once again, I just can’t decide between the two so I’ll have to enlist some help.

Like I said,

♬ “I’m on fy…..er…, do do dun dun dun dun, fire….”♬


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