The Photo Shoot

by klparry

It’s January 22, 7:30 Saturday morning, the sky is a beautiful blue, the temperature will be up to 75. Call time for hair and makeup is 9:00 am.


I give credit for this brilliant idea to my wonderful friend, actor, screenwriter, director, editor and an all around good guy, Christian Badami. After reading my novel he jumped on the band wagon to help me promote “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”. His family having been heavily involved in the advertizing biz, he had some ideas on how to attract attention to my book. One of these was to create an ad/web page that would really grab people. Something along the lines of a movie poster. So with that in mind, I began to contact friends and acquaintances that I thought might be able to help me.

In keeping with the theme of my story, I asked my good friend Gwen Krueger if we might use her backyard as our location. With its tropical setting and waterfall, it was the perfect place to stage our shoot. She agreed. YEAH!

Now to find a photographer. I called my BFF, Linda, who dropped the name of a mutual friend, Janis Harner. Another YES!

But I still needed two young models to portray the heroine of my book, Blue and her friend/nemeses, Rebbecca. Another call to the BFF and she reminded me that Gwen had two granddaughters, Kayla and Ashley. A few phone calls later and the girls were on board. Tickled that everything was coming along so smoothly, I was again sidelined when my oldest son, while in Mammoth snowboarding, was airlifted to Huntington Memorial Hospital. Fluid had collected around his heart, threatening him with heart failure.The doctors believing it to be a residual effect from the heart injury he received from a motorcycle accident in October, preformed a surgery that allowed the fluid to drain. As we all had hoped and prayed most of the fluid was removed. My son was released 5 days later and I was back on track with two days to finish my preparations for the shoot.

But wait! What about hair and makeup for our models? How could I forget? Fortunately another friend who happens to be very closely acquainted with our shoot director, Christian, was persuaded to lend a hand. Thank you Kati Roberts.

Here is Kati working on Kayla's makeup while Christian does his thing

Both still recovering from colds, Kayla and Ashley were wonderful in delivering great expressions and following Christian's instructions, never complaining about the cold water they were sitting in.

Janis was a pro, never stopping the camera.

The hair and makeup department.

Slacking time allowed for Kati and Gwen.

My heart felt thanks to Gwen, Christian, Janis, Kati, Kayla and Ashley for your time, talent and particularly, on our model’s part, your suffering.

~K.L. Parry~

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