A Marooned Sailor

by klparry

I’m Back…. and let me start by saying that the Holidays were modest but wonderful. My oldest sons is recovering well from his near fatal motorcycle accident on October 1st, although he has been hospitalized twice due to complications arising from his injuries. Considering the alternatives, I can not complain about his progress. But it has sidelined me. There is nothing more important to me than my boys.

So in between all that, I have been researching, talking to people and experimenting with advertizing my novel on Facebook.

Now, I’m feeling a bit like a marooned sailor. It seems the business of literature turns a cold shoulder to those who don’t adhere to their rules. Even with some book reviewers, it is not a matter of merit or talent but rather that your name be on a list. A list kept by mainstream publishers of their clients.  But I shan’t be daunted, for long. And truthfully, I haven’t even submitted my book for any reviews as of yet. I have first to get past the challenge of purchasing a few to give out to reviewers. A financial feat for me at the moment.

What I have also discovered is this; Firstly Blurb.com, whom I have published my novel through, was the right choice for me. Mainly because it was free. For those that know me I am always in a state of having just enough to pay my bills with little if anything left over. Also my reasons for not soliciting a traditional publishing firm have been reaffirmed as I did further investigating. When I discovered that an unknown author can only expect 8 to 10% royalties on the wholesale price of their book, (as little as 10 to 20 cents per book), I just about fell out of my chair. It seems near to criminal that a publisher will take such a large percentage leaving the creator with a pittance for his or her labors. I found that many authors, (seeming to me to be the majority of them), can’t make a living at their craft even though they have multiple books sold and currently selling in the market place. That is just plain wrong. Yes, writing should be done for the sake of writing. And if it’s good and it sells, the author should benefit as well as the publisher.

Well, enough of my preaching.

So I have decided to make do with what I have. Fortunately I know some wonderfully talented, creative and generous people. My friend Nick, free of charge, created a web site for me  and has shown me how to manage it. I am still a bit lame with that but he is great at helping me tweak things. Then there is Tammy, one of my editors and a pro proof reader who is polishing up a media release that will be sent out to solicit reviews and interviews. Christian, a well-spring of information, has given me a lot of great ideas to make my web site better and create an actual ad page for the Book that he says will really POP! Janice, an up and coming professional photographer and Kati whose many talents include applying theatrical makeup are all lending their expertise to help me create a killer ad page for “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”.

We have set the photo shoot for Saturday, using another friend’s two darling granddaughters as models portraying the pirate’s daughter, Blue Pergamum and her friend/nemesis Rebbecca. I am, dare I say it, giddy with excitement! Hee, heee heeee!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh! And I am in charge of craft services. Drinks, goodies and a Costco pizza.

~K.L. Parry~

Be sure to check out a 20 page preview of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom” at http://www.klparry.com