First Critique

by klparry

Though I have several readers currently looking at my novel, it is this first critique that has had me concerned the most. I knew that my friend Michael, a published author himself, would be my toughest critic. Particularly after telling him to show no mercy with his opinion on my story. I wanted the cold, hard truth. I was so nervous about it, I could hardly wait for the “bad” news I knew was going to come. Knowing that he has so much more experience than myself and that his technical knowledge far exceeds my own, I was certain he would tear it apart into tiny little, itsy bitsy pieces. Really, the anticipation was torturing me. So, imagine my great relief when I received this e-mail. I enjoyed reading it and think it is quite good!” His exact words. Thank you Lord!!! I must tell you, that had it gone the other way, I would never have looked at the words I’d written again. I would have put my writing ambitions to rest. Now, I really feel that I am, finally, on the right path. That I am doing what I was always meant to do. What an affirmation! Not to say that I don’t still have some fixin’ to do before the book is ready to publish, because I do. And I would have started immediately if I could have only been able to open the file that he sent me. Oh… the dilemmas of working on an ancient computer. But that’s OK. I should probably wait until I hear back from the others before I start to do any correcting. Whoo! Hoo! I wanna sing, I wanna dance, I wanna jump up and down and pee my pants, (just a little). Well, we can skip that last part.
K.L. Parry

“Faith in others is easy. It is the faith in one’s self that comes with difficulty.”