Almost There

by klparry

Happy to be back here to share with you, what  progress I have made on getting my novel published. Strange to think that I am almost there. Almost ready to begin the publishing process. Almost ready to put my work out to the world. Ew..scary! Since I’ve last posted I have done another edit and am just waiting to receive it back, again, so that I can do the final revisions; mostly punctuation and grammar. Quite a surreal feeling. It’s great that I have received so much good feed back and that encourages me even further. But, it seems that whenever something big is about to happen for me everything else goes crazy in my life. Work, finances, and a child moving back home because of the same. Now, I am not telling you this because I am looking for anyone’s sympathy, on the contrary. Had this not happened I certainly would not have had the time to have moved so quickly on the novel. Though, it has been difficult and even painful, truly I have seen this turn not as misfortune but as a god-send. It’s all about the perspective. A door may be closed but the window is open and it’s sunny outside. But enough about that. I have decided, on the advice of a trusted friend to self publish through Blurb. Surprisingly, for as old as my computer is, I was able to down load the software without any difficulty. The program did seem a bit daunting at first glance, but I believe I can figure it out within a few trial pages and hopefully in a couple of weeks, or less, I’ll have a finished, tangible, book. The hardest part right now, is the waiting.