The Pirate’s Daughter- Following the Dream

by klparry

Well, here I am. I have arrived at a place that I had only dreamed of reaching. Now 6 years, from conception, I am nearing the completion of my first novel. I can not express to you how happy, relieved, frighten and excited I am. I am happy to be nearly done after devoting, literally, every spare moment granted me for the last 2 years. Really, I can hardly remember the last time I spent a day off just relaxing, other than when I had the flu a couple of months ago. I am relieved because I can finally get back to my garden, see my friends and watch something on TV at its actual airing time. I am frightened, even petrified, that those reading it now will tell me it’s crap and that I have wasted the last two years of my life. And lastly, I am excited about the possibilities of what could happen for me should it become a sensation. Yes..wish-full thinking, I know. But, it is not beyond the impossible. And that slight, smallest of chances is what has kept me going through the headaches, blocks and the widening of my backside. Honestly, I think even my health may have suffered from my self-imposed confinement and the sedentary lifestyle I have adopted in order to complete this project. Not only did I gain weight, but during this last year I have caught every sniffle, cough and sore throat that has passed through the ranks. I’ve even had customers comment on how sickly I’ve been, even though I have been practically main lining “EMERGENCY”. I have sacrificed much and I hope, pray that it wasn’t for not.

So now it is that I wait. Await the verdict of my peers. I wait for the all important words I long to hear. Dare I to speak them? I think not. I don’t want to jinx it. But, I can promise you this, dear friends, you will be the second to know. Me first, of course and then those reading it..I think they would actually be the first, but I’m not counting them. So cross your fingers, toes, not your eyes because they might get stuck that way, but do wish for me the best and with me we will ride this train.




“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake”