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Jade was lucky to be alive - at least that’s what they kept telling her after the funeral service. It wasn’t much consolation. If only she hadn’t killed her mother and nearly done the same to her father she might have been able to tolerate all the well-wishers, back patters and huggers - but she did. Jade Lang’s troubles didn’t begin with her mother’s death - still, if she’d not lost the locket her mother would be alive and her father would not be wasting away in a hospital bed. Now, consumed by her guilt she struggles through each day living a half-life divided by obligation and circumstance. But all that she knows is about to change when she finds a stranger in her backyard pool. The young man with the charming smile and sparkling eyes - not to mention a fishy-tail - is a powerful distracter. But, to what end will his appearance bring? “Girl in the Mermaid Tail” is a suspenseful and darkly emotional journey into the mind of a teenage girl whose world has been irrevocably altered.


Tales of the Emerald Pools

Girl in the Mermaid Tail 

Jade’s life is in shambles. If only she had not lost the locket then her mother would still be alive and her father would not be in a coma teetering between life and death. Now, she lives with that guilt and her cousin Sandra, along with the “Screamers” – Sandra’s two twin girls. It is far from the ideal arrangement until Jade needs her cousin’s help, particularly with ridding their backyard pool of a trespasser. But the tail-sporting charmer, Pal, has other ideas – the least of which has her joining him for a swim. “Girl in the Mermaid Tail” is a novelette length, darkly twisted, teen-fiction.

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The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom

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K.L. Parry’s novel The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom is a rousing, high seas adventure about 14-year-old Blue, her father, his nemesis, and Lady Rebbecca Wolf. After Blue and her mother are summoned to Lord Wolf’s manor to work as temporary lace makers, Blue finds herself forging an unlikely friendship with Lord Wolf’s ill-tempered, tyrannical daughter Rebbecca. When Blue’s departure for home threatens to separate them, Rebbecca concocts a cruel scheme to keep them together forever. That’s where the adventure truly begins. After Blue escapes Lord Wolf’s manor, unwillingly taking Rebbecca along, she sets out to find her father Perseus, who, unknown to Blue, is actually the famous pirate Dead Eye Pete. Capture by the mysterious, vindictive pirate William Thorn throws the two girls into a deadly game of cat and mouse. However, it is Thorn’s true identity and plans that are at the crux of Blue’s story. Just who is William Thorn? Why is he hell-bent on having revenge on Blue’s father? Will Blue and Rebbecca ever return home… or even survive? Self-published in 2010, The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom is filled with intriguing, admirably flawed characters whose lives connect in many thrilling ways. The settings are rich and believable, and the historical details are nicely weaved throughout the story. The book is a fast-paced, enjoyable read geared toward young adults. Parry does a good job of keeping the reader guessing at what is coming next. More than once I found myself expecting one thing, and then I was pulled in another exciting direction. I look forward to K.L. Parry’s next novel.

Reviewed by Miranda Miller @ historicalnovelreview.blogspot.com

Posted May 14, 2012


 Featured Review from Manic Readers

Perseus is a captain of the sea, a proud father and husband. His young fourteen year old daughter, Blue, thrives on his tales and adores him. It is a dreadful goodbye when Blue and her mother see Perseus off after he has become upset with Blue over her longing to have her own adventures and stories to tell.

Blue’s mother, a skillful lace maker, is summoned to Jasper Castle by the royal family to prepare for an upcoming birthday bash. Blue is ecstatic when her mother agrees to allow her the privilege to attend the journey and stay at the castle.

The youngster stumbles into a relationship with the lord’s daughter, Lady Rebecca Wolf, and for a brief time, believes she is making one of those adventures happily come to life. However, Blue is pitched into a world she didn’t want to belong to for a prolonged period of time.

This book had me captivated by the second page. Personally being a fan of pirates and the era makes me an easy target, however, the plot thickens well enough for any reader. This is a fantastic read and highly recommended.

 Reviewed by Amanda @ manicreaders.com

Posted Aug. 18, 2011